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Okay everyone, after 6 years of writing, performing, recording and fine tuning our material my rock band Stone Cricket has finally released its first album and the recording is now available for sale (see link below)!!! The band features myself on guitar and backing vocals, Kelsey Shiba on vocals and piano, Matt Smiley on bass, and Ben Waters on the drums. Kate Skinner (organ) and Marty Kenney (bass) are also special guests on one of the tracks. We really tried to write and create music that had universal appeal and I think there will be something on this album for just about everyone. The material on the CD shifts between many different American musical styles in the Pop, Rock, Country and Blues veins, but of course you’re gonna hear some jazz sprinkled in there (it’s hard for us to hide those roots). Just below is the link to where you can pick up physical copies of the album, I think this is definitely the way to go – our designer, Jory Tindall did an outstanding job with the layout and artwork and I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together. A big thanks goes out to everyone involved in the project and thanks also to the wonderful support from of our friends, family and fans along the way. Enjoy!

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