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It’s rare as an artist that I actually feel satisfied with my work, but for once that is the case with my Dazzle Recordings release “Big Slick.” Once in a great while things will just come together almost perfectly and the synergy of all the working parts that make a project come to life seem to have nothing getting in their way. And trust me, it is a lot of parts that need to come together to make a good album – from the musicians, to the recording engineer and studio you choose, to the compositions and arrangements themselves it all has to be just right. And for once, at least at this stage in my career I’m really happy with the final product of this record. I’d like to take a second to thank everyone involved in making Big Slick happen: The Community Foundation of Greeley and Weld County for their grant that helped get this project off the ground financially. To Colin Bricker, Xandy Whitsel and the amazing people at Mighty Fine Studios in Denver. And especially above all, the musicians! Peter, Annie, Matt, Ed and John – you all played so beautifully and brought such creativity and focus to the session. To Stephanie Burchett who took some amazing photographs that helped bring the album art conception to life, and to Annie Booth for helping me realize the vision I had for the album art work, your touch with the graphic design leg of the project helped it go from just a good looking album to a great looking one. Also want to give a shout out to Nationwide Discs for being such an affordable but still incredibly professional and quality pressing company. You guys may get more of my business in a few months here, I’m nearly running out of discs from the original order….may be time to order some more soon! If you want to purchase your copy please check the iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby links over on the right side of this site. Those links will take right to where you need to go to get your copy. Thanks for reading and as always for you all’s continued support over the years. Big Slick is out you guys. 🙂