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  • Ryan Fourt – “Big Slick” Dazzle Recordings, 2016 – Personnel: Ryan Fourt (guitar), Peter Sommer (saxophone), Annie Booth (piano), Matt Smiley (bass), Ed Breazeale (drums), John Olson (drums)
  • Square Peg – “Searching” Stro-Records, 2013 – Personnel: Shilo Stroman (drums), Gabriel Mervine (trumpet), Ryan Fourt (guitar), Matt Smiley (bass) 
  • Stone Cricket – “Stone Cricket” Fourt-Post Records, 2012 – Personnel: Ryan Fourt (guitar and vocals), Kelsey Shiba (vocals and piano), Matt Smiley (Bass), Ben Waters (Drums), Kate Skinner (Vocals and microKORG), Marty Kenney (Bass)
  • Matt Smiley – “Quartet Art” Dazzle Records, 2012 – Personnel: Matt Smiley (Bass), David Pope (Saxophone), Josh Reed (Trumpet), Ryan Fourt (Guitar), Matthew Coyle (Drums)
  •  Ryan A. Fourt – “Choose One” Fourt-Post Records, 2009 – Personnel: Ryan Fourt (Guitar), Russ Kerschner (Hammond Organ), Shilo Stroman (Drums), Dustin Drews (Saxophone), Kevin Whalen (Trumpet), Ben Waters (Drums)
  • The FKW Project – “Cosmic Relief” Fourt-Post Records, 2005 – Personnel: Russ Kerschner (Hammond Organ), Ryan Fourt (Guitar), Ben Waters (Drums)